“I love creating something with my hands and being able to give my ideas a definite physical shape in precious metal. I find it fascinating how the metal bends and changes with only a few hammer strikes and to witness it take new form”.

In my jewelry I combine contemporary designs with inspiration I find in nature, especially in plant and marine life. Simple organic and geometric shapes are translated into wearable art through the process of hand fabrication.
I use a variety of techniques such as soldering, fusing, sawing and etching.
One of my favorite technique is fold forming. The metal is literally folded into a new, three dimensional shape. Many of my jewelry pieces are finished with a dark patina and a fine layer of high karat gold in order to create a dramatic contrast. Rollerprinted and embossed textures invite the viewer to further examine my work.

She is a member of the Society of the Northern American Goldsmiths and the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild.

contact: ina@jewelrybyina.com
Phone: 831-295-5678